Friday, February 20, 2009


Well quite a few few things have happened the past few days.

Hubby did not get a promotion he was trying to get. But has applied for 3 other jobs and has an interview next week for one of them.

He's finally decided that he's going to have to work overtime in order to afford the other child he's brought into our lives. I KNEW that... was just waiting for him to come to that realization on his own.

I"m finalizing a custody agreement then we'll send it to our attorney.

The kids had school conferences yesterday. My oldest special needs son is doing much better in his afternoons at school But the mornings at home and at school are still very rough on everyone. But he's working above grade level on everything, so that I am happy about.

One of my twins A. is doing wonderful. He's working above grade level on everything (except colors, but he IS colorblind so LOL) His behavior has vastly improved with the use of 1 2 3 magic in the classroom and he's a star student now.

My other twins I. well things aren't going as good for him. They believe he has some ADD as well as some type of learning disability. But when kind we're not sure. My hubby is dyslexic, so maybe it's some of that. Out of possible 4's in everything, he's getting mostly 1's. We know there is something very "off" about I. but we've never been sure what. We tell him to get ready in the mornings something he's been doing for YEARS and he still cannot get the sequence of events right, he still puts on his pants before his underwear, and shoes before his socks, and boots before his snow pants. Something just isn't clicking right.. and we don't know what.
We always call lunch time, lunch. HOwever he's never been able to call it that... he always calls it supper and calls our supper lunch. After years of hearing it called the right things nyou'd think this would sink in with him... but it hasn't. He and A. are both extreme perfectionists. If they make one small wrong cut on their projects, they scrap the whole entire thing and refuse to finish it.

SO i need to get I. in to see someone, but not sure who.

I guess that is all I have for today :)

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  1. Poor baby. Sounds like a processing disorder to me. (((HUGS)))